Spaniards salvaged of New York from destruction in

Dear Friend Dr Ernesto,
It is difficult to me to present, that today in Western Europe or America there will be a person, which one will make for the friend in Eastern Europe more, than You have made for all of us. Sincerely I give thanks a lot to You and Your Friends for support!
But not only we are obliged to Spain, but also all America is obliged to heroism of the Spaniards, which one have salvaged of New York from destructions in 1943.
This fact wanted to keep before our occurring, but I think, that is necessary to hurry up. Therefore I shall try to set up it in this letter.

Spaniards salvaged of New York from destruction in 1943 /Freedom, Wisdom, Unity /

Instead of introduction.

Interesting destiny, probably, for each restless person. It always brings to him gifts, which one only with years begin to appreciate. To me the destiny has brought the next LARGE gift in 1985, when the typist of my intercathedral research lab of social and economic problems of the Mariupol metallurgical institute has asked me to write a review on the manuscript of the starting Mariupol writer, which one she reprinted. Certainly, a review has written, but the Facts of this manuscript have surprised me.

Why was silent of a press?

It appears, we knew about war very little. Films we saw much, have read tens books, but knew a little. All events, as it seemed, happened somewhere away under Moscow, under Berlin, under Stalingrad, but in Mariupol all was quiet and is rather quiet, though the Jews all the same much have shot, but the Greeks did not tamper with, and to the Cossacks in general there was a special attitude(relation), which I have understood only in 2001. But it is a separate subject, which one is very interesting to me, since itself I am grand-grand-grandson of last hereditary ataman Zaporozhye Cossacks and to the Azov Cossacks is connected by vital bonds (on the mother). By the way, the germans of the Cossacks officially considered(counted) arijas and many Cossacks wared on the party Germanium. To all local residents (Cossacks and Greeks) in Mariupol the germans have returned the grounds, selected by the Soviet authority, and the people in Mariupol during occupation did not fast. The Italians fasted(their germans have kept in back of the troops to guard territory, but did not foster(nurture)!! A joke, but fact!), which one of pity were fostered(nurtured) by the local residents, and all who has returned on the selected grounds were with bread and corn sufficed really on all.

By the way, some men of Mariupol at once after arrival of the germans voluntarily went on activity in Germanium. It already then, when their cognates have begun to receive the letters from of the fissile immigrants from Germanium, men on activity in Germanium have vanished, and the germans soon have begun the customary practice of levy of troops of the workers. My grandmother had been made by an acid of a wound of neighbour's youth, that them have stolen on activity in Germanium (ill germans no took). If the germans have learned about it, would shoot all monogynopaedium (how she was not afraid and found forces?!). Disappointed the researchers of the best life in the Third Reich from Germanium all the same have found a capability to notify his relatives in Mariupol and in all PriAzov about difficult conditions of life. The Greeks have found very simple, but effective transmission mode of the truthful information. In the letters they did not speak word about difficulties, and it is simple, when described conditions of the life, have used not clear for the germans and for all censors of matching. For example, they also wrote, that live as the aunt Ira or as a uncle Kostja. But all in Mariupol all understood, since the aunt Ira was on a threshold of mors, and uncle Kostja for a long time was not in living.

For me all history of scrambling of Mariupol with a fascism, probably, also would be terminated by exploit of a first helper Makara Mazaja, which one has refused to fuse steel and was burnt in an open-hearth furnace.

But facts about scrambling under M ariupol all short period of occupation PriAzov by the germans and Italians spanish wrong-officers, which one permanently created intolerable living conditions for an occupation troops in PriAzov, have caused(urged) me to search and to think. At once there was a set of problems, on which one the answers were not. At first, why about the Spaniards there was no publication till 2003 in a local press? About cross timber of the Jews wrote the whole books, and about unique constant scrambling professional military with germans, which one did not cease neither winter nor summer nobody has written line. You see such tight subversive activity was not on one site(segment) of front. By me the manuscript of the book was read in 1985, but even of fragments from it was not published. Such happens very seldom. Only in 2003 in the small article in the newspaper the PriAzov's Worker have mentioned that military participated experimental spanish in scrambling for PriAzov. And all!
Secondly, Spaniards in subversive squads whence have undertaken? Why such experimental professionals have transmitted to alarm the germans and Italians under Mariupol? What primary goal they executed(designed)? Many Mariupo's men knew about them nothing. And third, what main outcomes of their military activity?

All these problems so also have remained without the answer, if not those small groats of the information, which one collected by years and of which one there was infrequent on beauty a picture of Great Exploit of the republicans of Spain in a name ours in You of the Future, Dear my Friend Ernesto.

The facts from the manuscript ...

I shall not stay on parts and estimation of opinions of the starting writer, but say only most relevant.

First, squad professional spanish military, which one wared on the party of republican Spain, beginnings the fissile activity at once after the introduction of a german troops into Mariupol. By the way, Mariupol was occupied by elite military parts Germanium. They have entered city how it is possible to see entry of troops in cities in the german chronicles, in the new clean forms and practically on new engineerings. Also there are apparent questions.

Why such forces were thrown in practically not defencing city?!
Why it was necessary at once them to keep in suspense and that it was necessary permanently to destroy, what was not connected in any way to life of the townspeople?!

Second, the Spaniards permanently landed on coast and made mining and detonatings. But what was on marine coast to mine? The plants you see did not blast out, and the port practically did not work. What such objects have arisen on sand beaches?
These shares were made really year-roundly. Very figuratively in the manuscript their realization in the winter is described, when the Azov sea congeals and up to Ejsk (on an opposite coast vice-versa of Mariupol) it is possible to reach on ice. But the sea is simple with a backpack will not pass(proceed). And in the manuscript are operated with facts, which one have convinced me of truthfulness of the description of all events. The Spaniards were not familiar with our winters and with conditions of transition on ice on the frozen sea. Therefore they on the understanding have made adaptations(appliance) what to overcome some kilometers of transition on ice. But you see it only in films ice solid, and in our conditions an ice opening on an ice opening. And they were salvaged by that in first "travel" from Ejsk in Mariupol they have met the fishermen. The Cossacks can not sit without business and winter, the character does not allow, therefore organize under-ice of harpoon fishing. All tackles and all equipment for under-ice of harpoon fishing was fulfilled by centuries. In each adaptation(appliance) is centuries-old experience. You see for barrel(roll) of taran-fish from shores of the Azov sea in ancient Rome it was possible to purchase the slave. This fact has served as a causing Caesar to issue a law against luxury.

But main - for a commander of spanish group praised of common sense to understand necessity more thorough training with usage of experience of artels of harpoon fishing and he has returned in Ejsk, fully has preformed group (actually has taken all them equipment of artels), which one has made then the most successful inspection under Mariupol.

Third, there is a lot of place in the manuscript is given to the description of one of inspections spanish wrong-officers, when the german automobile with the high-ranking officer was blasted, in a plane table which one have found Notebook with weight of the physical formulas. Notebook at once have returned in an intelligence section. Then its path in Moscow is described and the writer of the manuscript does(makes) the supposition, that these calculations have sped up consideration of the application ordinary - physics of Mr.Flerov to Genaral Stalin and with this Notebook, in his judgement, the implementation of the nuclear program in USSR began actually. I shall not conceal, this thought has liked to me then in 1985.

But all actually has appeared both easier and much more considerable. But this significance began to be loomed only in 1997.

TO RECOGNIZE of a worthy academic rank of the member - correspondent of Academy of economic sciences of Ukraine

All has taken place unexpectedly and very much simple. A chief deputy of Mariupol Vitaly Pavlovich Kolosov on my request to hand the diploma of corresponding member of Academy of economic sciences of Ukraine over to the director of a software "FireSafe", doctor of commerce of Academy of economic sciences and enterprise activity of Russia Konstantin Harlampievich Kozmiridy answered by the consent and has asked me behind him to go in magistrate of hours per nine mornings. We with the director of a local lore museum have purchased colours and were in nine in reception of V.Kolosov, and at nine hours twenty minutes already Konstantin Harlampievich sincerely are touched thanked Vitaly Pavlovich for rendered respect. Really - to receive the diploma from arms(hand) of such CHIEF, which one is signed by the academician of a National Academy of sciences of Ukraine by Nickolai Grigojevich Chumachenko is is stored. And all is farther happened spontaneously. The general director of Soyuz of the industrialists and businessmen of Mariupol Igor Karimovich Karimov has invited Alexander Mihajlovich Zozulja, former mayor of Mariupol, which one after a congratulation of the friend K.H. Kozmiridy, and has told to all of us about the interesting fact of scrambling of Mariupol for fulfilment of the nuclear program of USSR already after war. Today all this is not a secret, therefore Alexander Zozulja and has told to us, that all coast(littoral) under Mariupol practically was a source of raw materials for obtaining uranium from ours of black spigot products . In region of village Melekino there was this secret object and on tea cap each day sent uranium in Moscow. The recovery process, sift, extreme primitive also did not require(demand) neither high qualification, nor special preparation. All was said with such by Cossack's humour, that to me these daily uranium cap were stored on all life (in general by Mariupol up to 1998r. the extremely interesting people) supervised. Listening Alexander Zozulja, me the manuscript of 1985 was recollected. And nuclear's notebook of the german scientist -officer.

Has flown thought, whether instead of the german experts about black spigot products of Mariupol even before war knew?! But the thought has flown and was almost forgot. Too much we even from school courses know of paths of enrichment of uranium - from a nuclear reactor before activity with uranium salts. Therefore sift of black Azov spigot products seems "by Stone Age". The time has passed and already in 2000-2001 In Warsaw, in Chihanov, in Gdansk, in Poznan and in Kelce on new I am understanding a simplicity of the technology sift, uranium cap and nuclear's notebook .


The Earth all remembers and on all gives the answers - this phrase it is possible to find practically for all Great WRITERS of all historical Nations. And this MEMORY of GROUND differs from our illusory performances distorted by obliging propagation. I recall with what transactions to me the unbiassed attitude to military events of the Second World(global) War in Poland was gave, which one Stalin simplly has "presented" to Gitler in 1939, in opinion of the Poles. As ruthlessly deleted Polish intelligency! And all events in Gdansk already after war, about which one the simple Poles remember and in 2001.! They to me have told about them, as to the friend, in lodes(veins) which one the blood of Polansky and Chernjavsky (see Polish Herbs, page 66) flows. These events cause(urge) differently to look at a world, specially, when a Pan Brama, the sincerely believing roman catholic, but subordinating to circumstances, speaks, that there is no justice on this Earth.

Difficultly, the happy nonpredatory respites are very difficultly given to the people. And not only slavs.

We nothing know about the tests which have dropped out on a share of Great Britain. Only on to a Red Farm(truss) in Hantington under the London in 1994 I has understood on what last limit the simple Englishmen in 1943-1944 struggled., as ruthlessly bombed the London and as the simple people perished.

And about the French and to speak it is not necessary, though the editor of the Ukrainian Word Julien Lazartchouk and spoke me in 1998 in Paris about Andrew Melnic, as about high-ranking military Francium, but not "melnics" have opened the Second Front. Its opened "Audoussets", "Guiherys", "Crozets", which one today honestly struggle for the FUTURE of Europe. All of them have deserved the right on normal life, which one after events of September 11,2001 in New York and March 11, 2004 in Madrid became under a question (problem).

"The reconstructed" monuments Alexander 1 in Taganrog and General Platov in Novocherkassk change performances about all "revolutions" and "wars". You see of Novocherkassk was awarded with an Iron Cross by Gitler, as well as Taganrog, and in its in 2002 to me could not show any building, recovered after war, since destructions that practically was not. And Monument of Ermak, put near to a majestic Army Cathedral the Cossack Signals Command, if wanted to shift, already domestic wise men (but at once has failed, and now and have clever). But, that is interesting, you see the city that till now is tormented in the summer waterless, recalling the derivated French architect, which one has convinced of Platov to arrange Novocherkassk on tops of hills, assigning beauty of opening kinds(views). And more than hundred years has passed already! Did not the French of consequences really perceive? At once it is visible, that the graph Platov even grammar schools has not ended.

But can be struggles and suffers affliction only "Old" Europe, but New Light all cataclysms have bypassed by the party, is not it ? And You visit under New York green hills plated by white tomb's columns (there are them thousands !!!), where bear a guard of honour military before MEMORY of the heroes of America, and You will not envy transoceanic life much more. Feels, as though has seen cutting down of a human forest blind oblique reprobate of non-thinking of the random leaders of the historical peoples . Personally, I do not forget 1986 and these green - white hills (white "stumps" -tombs not evolved, and is more valid, cut down birches). The first half XX of century was very uneasily gave to all America.

And the war in Vietnam that costs(stands)! It is necessary to visit in New York before a specularly polished mottled wall with 58 thousands American surnames and to see number(series) three bronze figures of the American infantrymen (white, Latinoamerican and afroamerican), to understand, how our time tests for strength each people, each Great Nation. And our American driver in 1986, afroamerican, remembered not only number of days, but also how much hours and minutes he wared in Vietnam!

It is a lot of, very many facts and impressions -  all will not describe. But the fact to the fact, impression to an impression and close to objectivity a picture of events XX of century already sees clearly enough.

And the main conclusion, which one for me does not require(demand) the proofs, the volume is encompass byed, that the first nuclear bomb was intended for New York by Gitler. Certainly, he could route weapon of retribution anywhere, but 99 chances from 100, that was substantially planned of New York, as object of the first attack. Therefore all that information on the schedules multistage "Fau-2" for a lesion of New York from Europe, all items of information on the schedules of start "Fau-2" from a submersible and about the schedules of the Japaneses to start an airplane controlled kamokadze, from a submersible on New York, and also about actual catching of the german spies, which one wanted to establish the radio beacon on one their New York skyscrapers, all this not conjectures, and reality of the not carried out schedules.

But there were even more brutal intentions continuing most reprobate shares, it would not be desirable even to think of which one. Therefore monument in Vienna to victims of epidemy of a plague blown life of third of population of Europe and Moscow's Region (in personally, and life of Prince of Basil), after abandoned by the catapult of Tahtomysh of a plague corpse in deposited Genoa's Cafa (the Crimean peninsula), as at once not so strikes. This was long before 1939-1945. Passes some months and begin to perceive, that this MONUMENT to victims of epidemy is an admonition to all of us today (that is right that in center of Europe - in capital of Austria its have put) and these tragical events were not so long ago - less than two tens generations ago.

EXPLOIT of the Spaniards in PriAzov - DESTRUCTION-MEN of

And and last BRICKS to a picture of the nuclear program in PriAzov. Them, as well as it is necessary on any to very thin script, build up simple mariupol's people, from which I at all do not wait of such information in 2003. I see they on my ambitious thinking should know less, and receives differently, not I by him tell, and they to me. Specially, when I walk on aged streets of city and meet with familiar, telling with them about our aged Mariupol catacombs. They suddenly start to recall any german secrets on analysis of uranium, bound with catacombs near railway station, etc. etc. But I see these people did not read in 1985 and later about a spanish find in german "Willis" nuclear's notebook. Whence all these nuclear memories, how are You think ?! The smoke without a light(fire) does not happen. And memories about daily uranium cap of 50 years from under village Melekino give legible performance about events of 1943 in PriAzov.

Attempted, the germans in 1943 really attempted to mine uranium under Mariupol. Therefore and Gitler visited Mariupol. And, therefore after of a spanish find in the german machine on a road of the Azov coast of the nuclear's notebook the subversive activity of the Spaniards has amplified. By the way, it was marked also by the writer of the manuscript in 1985, but has not given this fact of explanation. But we can explain it today ! Therefore, when we remember exploit of Tour Hejerdal, with soldiers of anti-fascist resistance had sunk of the transports with a heavy water, and also unauthorized successful attack of the captain of a submersible Mr. Marinesko, which has sunk colour of undersea fleet of Germanium, that has lowered a capability of delivery of any explosive in sharply America, the exploit of the republicans of Spain in PriAzov on the against-Gitler's front was nature and actually had crucial importance. They have not given to organize a mining of uranium, in spite of from the first view, on all capabilities, were available the german experts, (technology simple, it is enough of hands, the part of the population was is severe is offended by the communists, the mutilated corpses from cellars NKVD convincingly have "told" mariupol's people, that was done). You see it is impossible to overlook(forget), that of german settlements was very much under Mariupol from times of Ekaterin Second. In general on territory PriAzov was the ancient Gotey State "Germaniha", therefore under Taganrog there was such persistent defense by the germans of each square centimeter of sand. Such desperate, that the historians till now hold back it. For me is apparent, that the Spaniards really have made under Mariupol impossible!!! It also is the answer to all put above questions (problems).


So, that Dr Ernesto, THANKS a LOT by a professional military DEAR for me of Spain for the fact that in 1986 a MAY to see of New York from an observation desk of World-wide Trade Center. Most beautiful city! And MANTHETTEN till now faces by eyes, surprising me by engineering decisions.


Dear Friend, in all that to You now has written I feel any unplanned latitude of exploit of the present people, such as Valentin Gonsales Gonsales, famous Campesino. About Him have wrote Etnest Heminguay in the novel Till comas the bell rings, Ilja Erenburg has devoted to him an essay " Campesino", and All-Russia Warden Kalinin handed to him in Kremlin hours with chasing Spanish Chapaev (itself Stalin of stings an arm(hand) to this brave person). But about the desperate Spaniard, which one was pulled out from of a large zone, the legends in GULAG caught, therefore about Him in Archipelago GULAG wrote and Solgenicin. Due to his sincerity in December, 1950 in Paris the participant of movement of Resistance, prisoner Buhenvalg, the writer Russe has scored process against the newspaper Lettr Frances, accused Russe in defamation on most freedom from countries (USSR). Then Campesino has said: me named as the most fanatical general in spanish war. I do not feel sorry a blood, which one has spilled in scrambling with a fascism. But I feel sorry and I repent that wanted to impose to the spanish people a mode similar on that, which one exists (breathes) in Russia. Even the funeral of this hero has turn intoed the character of national conciliation, when behind a coffin there were two strings -former republicans and former francists and the Hero was burreing all Madrid. Such people struggled against the germans in PriAzov, breaking all of german's program and schedules. We know about them simplly a little.

In general ground PriAzov to this disposes. This was necessary to spit on all commanders and to agree to leave and contesting by forces in a honest duel, as it was made by the Cossacks waring on the one hand for the germans, and with other - for Advices. It up to what degree was necessary at heart to despise both fascists and communists! And they really refer in this single combat on ancient traditions and laws in the sabre's fight under Mariupol. On tens kilometers stood ringing from sabre's impacts, but there was no outrigger boom. The Cossacks had a good time ! They by force contesting, despising all his chiefs which has played in geopolitical games for world(global) domination (more playing then need). Certainly, to them it have not forgiven the Gitler's people, and it have not forgiven the Commissas-communists. Gitler's people of the Cossacks "arija" (stupid people - wanted Cossack FREEDOM to bribe by a fitting to to the selected villains ) have disbanded in parts, and the Commissas-communists - on penal companies "pushing" of the "red"-Cossacks.

But it was already then, for now there was a deck house on sabres had fun of DOUCHE of the Great European People - Cossacks!! And this great SPIRIT is living in PriAzov. He lives in hearts of the Cossacks of Taganrog and Rostov, Krasnodar and Volodarsk, in douches of hundreds farmers of PriAzov. Certainly, this spiritual UNITY aim by all forces to destroy, but the natural Wisdom Cossacks and feel of internal FREEDOM is invincible!

Is convinced Ernesto, that this feeling all of beating FREEDOM is close to You, as well as me, which one created both Spain and America.

Always Yours FRIEND
Alexander PLOSKYNI
Nominate of a Medal of the Sacred Ignatius, Metropolitan Gotey and Cafa for 1999

Freedom, Wisdom, Unity - these three words determine today position our' with You of the contemporaries in this agony of a satanic host and destruction. As We all strongly want, that the WISDOM did not escape a Chiefs of the Great States, which one cannot repeat an error Caesar, when "he relied on last order and swearing of a senate and after that even has refused from his guards (accompanying him) from the Spaniards with swords (Gaj Svetonij Trankvill Life Twelve Caesars, page 86).