Lady Maathai write You from European Africa (very larger territory in East Europe named a few of centuries back by Africa - this even exist on maps which study in schools). It is ours also, just like at your disposal great territory occupied forests which also were annihilated, but on century in advance of in Africa. There where now are considered were always steppes in East Europe in 1459 were thick, very old forests (you this can see on Map of Fra Mauro). We aim today to do not give annihilate forests in Carpathians. We began work from Carpathians and want its to continue in 2008 - 2010 years. Your moral support great deal for us all signifies. 27.03.2008 was birthday Vasiliya Mikhailovicha Kozaka which actively supported program "Plant for Planet" and, we are sure, what will maintain this program and in 2008-2010 years.

We everything know about the disastrous effects of the contraction of the square of forests for climate, biospheres, for aqueous resources. It is for example, the 32 mln. acres of forest, and this practically square of England, is destroyed yearly, and this destroys easy planets which are necessary for climate’s balance. It is it is impossible to forget that nature restores only the 14 mln. acres of forest per annum. That is why are necessary measures as to preservation Biological Systems.

It is however, particular attention turn on landing of trees in the Rakhovskom area of the Zacarpathian Region 24.09.2007 year which is carried out owing to help Fedora Fedorovicha Vishovana.

Fedor Vishovan had arranged tour the students of Carpathian Institute of Entrepreneurship of University «Ukraine» on machine high reliability «Kraz» to the most apices of mountains. Ardelan Dmitrii, Marushchak Nikolai, Grigorchuk Dmitrii, Boichuk Igor, Kuzmik Roman, Matchuk Mariya and Malion Anya could be lifted else above and to plant yearlings Yasenia there, where neither technology already be lifted cannot (except, certain, of helicopters). We everything then very deeply realized the necessity of the realisation of program «Plant for the Planet», especial, in Zacarpathian Region planting trees in difficult of access places.

It is certain, difficultly was traveled till village «Bychkiv», of and then traveling else 16 kilometers till forest «Bojeny», and further till forest «Grysun» (were districts, where «Kraz» rode of angle-wise 45 degrees!), of have traveling ad rem landing already footstep. At one student even broke the instrument for landing, though even worked it all a few o'clock. Such difficult were working conditions. But all we then received PRIZE, when sun have given by light all mountains and we looked at polonyny (fields in mountains) from level clouds. It is impossible to forget, and in order this to see necessary to come till Khusta and with the students of the Carpathian Institute of Entrepreneurship University «Ukraine» to assist in program «Plant for the Planet».

This work of youth appreciated leadership forest farm by name Tamashchuka (forest «Bojenyj») and made present yearlings «Red Duba» to Institute. Students planted these trees before Institute and in nearest 100-150 years old they will remind students about their participation in 2007 year in program UNEP (UNESCO) «Plant for the Planet: Milliard trees in 2007» which headed You, Your Vysochestvo.

It is certain, students were very happy to participation in such interesting work and we today plan with the leadership of Mizhgirskikh the educational establishments of its to expand. We to attract to the participation of the students of universities Ivano-Frankivsk and «Kievo-Mogilianskoy Academy».

Civil International Committee intellectual and spiritual Unity (www.сiс-wsс.org , Chairman Dr. Ernesto Garcia) which supported the active participants of program «Plant for the Planet» in Zacarpathian (Ukraine) and disposed all materials on its Web-Page www.сiс-wsс.org Documents 295, 332, 333, 338, 368, 376, 384. Also program execution is supported and by information services UNEP (UNESCO) - all letters from Zacarpathian to the leadership of program «Plant for the Planet» are disposed on Web-Page UNEP (UNESCO). This very serious and timely support of students and the conducts of universities Zacarpatian!

It is however, want to acquire audacity and to ask You to help to us moral to support youth and the heads of universities in Ukraine. I sure, what will be of fairly one Your letter directed to Miroslava Iurevicha Loziuka (responsible executive SRW, the member of the scientist of the advice Ukrainian (Azov) Departments of Academy ES&E), Ivana Ivanovicha Gaiovicha (the member of the scientist of advice the Ukrainian (Azov) Departments of Academy ES&E), Petra Iurevicha Bojko (the member of the scientist of advice IESCR, of main chief State forest’s enterprise), Vasilya Iurevicha Marintsa (the member of the scientist of advice IESCR, principal), Vasilya Mikhailovicha Kozaka (rector of the Carpathian Institute of Entrepreneurship), in order everybody Zacarpathian Region felt appurtenant to the carrying out of principal program UNEP (UNESCO) of the UN.

But main - Your letter will give to all participants of program «Plant for the Planet» in West Ukraine sensation appurtenant to large European Initiative which will actualize today UN; appurtenant to program which with thanks will appreciate our offsprings - willing generations of the inhabitants of planet Earth, for which we today create «Plant for the Planet».

With sincere and deep respect,

Aleksandr Valerevich Vasiljev (Vasiljev-Muller)

Vice-chairman of Civil International Committee intellectual and spiritual Uity (CIC, www.сiс-wsс.org ),