Economist; Metallurgical Engineer

VASILJEV VALERY A, b.. 10 July 1929; Novo-Ukrainka, Ukraine, Economist, Metallurgical Engineer, m. Olga Vladimirovna Vasiljeva; 1 son. Education: Diploma, Engineering, Technical Institute, Odessa, USSR, 1952; Degree in Economics, Moscow Institute of Management, 1978; High Science Employee, Institute, Mariupol, Ukraine, 1986, Dr Com., Academy of Economic Science and Entrepreneurship, 1995. Partic. in demining Volga, Nikolaevsk, Volgograd, 1943; Appointments: Chief Technical Office, Igorsky Plant, St.-Petersburg, Russia, 1952-54; Main Engineer, Collective Farms, Kuragata, Dgambul, Kazakhstan, 1955-56; Chief Engineer Metallurgy Plants of Ukraine, 1957-74; Chief Economic Department, Ukrgipromez Mariupol, Ukraine, 1975-87; Lecturer, PriAzov, State Technical University, Mariupol, 1987-; Director, Institute of Economic, Social and Cultural Research, Mariupol, 1995-0; President, Chairman, Azov (Ukrainian) Department, Academy of Economic Sciences and Entrepreneurship, 1999-; Chairman, Civil International Committee (CIC), Tanais Reg., 2001-. Author: Law of Preservation of Labour., The Directory Founder, 2nd edition, 1983; Methodological priorities at valuations objective expenditures of labour in market economy, dev. Memory scient. America, Russia/Ukraine Valery I.Tereshenko, 1995; The Base of Management in Light of Law of Preservation of Labour, 2002; The Base of Organization of Production Example of Preservation of Labour, 2003; Methodological fundamental s of stabilization socially of economic development ( Doc. N 54 ), 2004; Fundamentals of strategic Management in Light of Law of Preservation of Labour and Law of Non-destroy of Intelligently&Spiritual Labour, 2004. Sponsor civil com. On restoration of Orthodox ch. in hist. ctr. of Mariupol, 1995-. Honours: Recipient medal UFE, 1955, Labour Vet. medal USSR, 1989, Medal "Met. Gotey & Cafa, St Ignatja", 1999, Certificate Frederick P Furth Foundation, 1990, Nominal medal Auth.: Law of PRESERVATION of LABOUR and nom. "2000 Outst. Intel. 21ct "IBC , Cambridge, 2004. Memberships: International Biographical Centre; Research. Board of Advisors, ABI, USA; Academy of Economic Sciences and Entrepreneurship; Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine; New York Academy of Sciences, 1817 Heritage Society, New York Academy Sciences. Christian. Address: Fl 24, Nahimova, 122, St., 87534 Mariupol, Donetsk Region, Ukraine.


Address: Fl 24, Nahimova, 122, St., 87534 Mariupol, Donetsk Region, Ukraine.

[1] Chairman of Committe Internacional Civil  /CIC/ on preparation World public opinion to execution of First World Congress of Spiritual Unify in New York