Prof. MIROSLAV DEMIC, Mech. Eng1.

Full Member of Yugoslav Academy of Engineering, Academician of Academy of Transport and Academician of Academy of Quality of Russian Federation. Miroslav Demic was born on February 5, 1948 in Rašanac, community Petrovac na Mlavi by father Dragoljub and mother Slobodanka (nee Stojanović). Primary school he attended and finished in 1963 in birthplace with excellent marks. After he had finished primary school, he enrolled himself in Technical school in Smederevo and graduated with excellent marks in 1967. In the same year, he enrolled himself in Faculty of Mechanical engineering in Kragujevac, motor vehicles course. He had graduated in 1972 with excellent averaged grade of 9.23 (nine and 23/100) marks. At the faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade he enrolled post graduated studies in 1972 and successfully finished in 1975 defending his master thesis entitled "The influence of front wheels guiding system on bus behavior on the road". In the same year his doctor dissertation entitled "Spectral analysis of usually nature human activities from aspects of ride comfort and identification of equivalent biodynamic oscillatory model of human" was proved and defended successful in 1978 in Faculty of mechanical engineering in Kragujevac. As a scholarship grant, after graduating he employed in Vehicle Factory in Priboj in R&D department. He worked as constructor and designer of assemblies of FAP cars. From 1975 to 1976 he was in Army service and in 1977 employed in R&D Zastava. From 1977-1988, he worked on car's research and testing jobs, especially in solving ride comfort and vehicle system dynamics problems. After that, he employed at the faculty of Mechanical engineering in Kragujevac. The was engaged in teaching process at Motor vehicles and motors department engaged as assistant professor (1979-1986), associate professor (1986-1992) and from 1992 until now as full professor for Motor vehicles, Vehicle system dynamics and Motor vehicles II. From 1992 until 2001, he was member of University scientific board and now he is its president. He is head of Motor vehicles and motors department at mother faculty. During his University engagement, he was mentor of eight doctor dissertations and two master theses. Professor Demic had over 200 published papers in journals and at symposiums in Yugoslavia and in aboard (journals: Technique, Mobility and Vehicle Mechanics, International Journal of Vehicle Design, Vehicle System Dynamics and Vehicle Mechanics etc. as well as symposiums at Yugoslavia, Italy, USA, Russia, Japan, Austria etc.). Specially, it should be emphasized his published papers considered ride comfort, dynamics and optimization of constructive parameters of motor vehicles, which classified him as well known expert in areas mentioned above. His papers were cited in aboard aver thirty times (books and journals), and in domestic sources over two hundred times. 

Colleague Demic has six published books:

- Powertrain mounting, monograph (co-author), MVM, 1990,

- The Track Vehicles, schoolbook, Technical faculty in Čačak, 1992,

- The Truck Design, schoolbook, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac, 1994,

- The Motorcycles, monograph, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac and DSP             Kragujevac, 1996,

- The Vehicle Oscillatory System Parameter optimization, monograph, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac, 1997,

- The Vehicles Theory, monograph, Technical faculty in Čačak, 1999.

- Theoretical fundaments of bus design, monograph, faculty of echanical Engineering, Kragujevac, 2003.

Professor Demic is active member and expert of ISO TC 108 Committee, for establishment of international standards for vibration influence on humans. He applied many papers to mentioned Committee to consideration. Some of them caused revision of ISO standard 2631. At the same time he is expert of Yugoslavian government (its deputy for science, technology and development) for motor vehicles and ergonomic. He was supervisor of five scientific projects realized under financial support of Republic Serbia Government. He was a member of Editorial board of Journals (Ergonomic, Motor Vehicles and Motors), Chief Editor of Zastava journal and now he is member of "Mobility and Vehicle Mechanics" editorial board. In addition to, many times he was member of organizing committee of domestic and foreign scientific symposiums (Russia, Swiss and Yugoslavia) and in the last time President of International Symposium MVM, holding annually in Kragujevac. Candidate was elected for: Academician of Academy of Transportation  (1994), Academician of Academy of Quality of Russian Federation  (1997) and full member of Yugoslav Academy of Engineering (1999). Member of R&D Zastava scientific board, now is employed as one third time in Nuclear Institute Vinča, as a scientific consultant. Membership of Civil International Committee (CIC) on preparation World public opinion to execution of First World Congress of Spiritual Unification in New York (April,2003)

Prof. Demić speeks Russian and English languages.

Father of three children.

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