Research engineer, economist

VASILJEV Alexander V, b. 21 June 1955, vil. Kuragata Kazakhstan, Economist; Research Engineer; m. Marina G. Tuzovskaya, 31 December 1985; 2 daughters. Education: Diplomate of Engineering, Metallurgy Institute, 1977; Candidate, Technical Sciences, Moscow, 1982; High Science Employee, Sociology; Academy of Management, Moscow, 1992; PhD, Economics, Academy of Management of Russia, Moscow, 1993; Probationer, Institute IBMER, Poland, 2000-2001. Appointments: Manager, Research Laboratory, Metallurgy Institute, Manager, Institute of Labour of Ukraine, Manager, Institute of Economic-Law Research, NAS, Ukraine, 1985-98; Chairman, Science Council, Institute of Economic and Social and Cultural Research, Mariupol, 1989-; Professor, PriAzov State Technical University, Mariupol, 1993-98; Professor, Taganrog s Institute of Management and Economics, 2001-02; Chief Branch of Management of Mariupol s Department of Academy of Management Staff, 2002-03; Professor, Department of Inter-regi onal Academy of Control of Staff, Mariupol, 2003-2004; Professor, National University, Odessa, 2004-; Vice-Chairman, Civil International Committee, 2001-. Publications: Problems of methodology perfecting parameters of expenditures of labour: social infrastructure (monograph), 1992; The highcromicarbon alloys for the castings instruments (the purpose of removing masses containing fuel the IY Chernobyl Nuclear Station), 1993; On frontier third thousand years, 1996 (monograph); The Labour of Many Thousand Years (from Gomers and Pontis Empire to EU), 1998; Theoretical and Methodological Basis of Concepts of Transformation and Preservations of Labour (articles on sociology and economic theory) (monograph), 1998; The Main Rules and Substatations of New Approaches: Second Report for Rume Club about Revolution of Effectiveness (monograph), 2001; Clear Source of Christianity (Unit N9 "Azov Academy"), 2002; Wisdom Throttle: MAJESTY of particular ACTS of the SACRED IGNATIUS (www.c, 2003; THE INTERNET of the technology for INTELLIGENCY of EASTERN EUROPE:OUTCOMES of a Labour of Ernesto Garcia, Julio Atance, Luis Dolz, S. Stashevski, A. Chumachenko, A. Tleuberdin, Zbignew Nowicki, Jacques Varidel, Gunnel Christiansen, L. Melnik, S. Iljashenko, Е. Mishenin, N. Nurlanova, N. Rahmetov, V. Hvorost, Abbot Illarij (Shyshkovski), O. Ogirko, A. Zejnelgabdin, V. Zaharevich, S. Urij, A. Julcov, S. Vovkanych, S. Ljah, B. Burkinski, Jurgen Muller, Felicitas Moellers, Vladimir Litvin (Unit N14 "Azov Academy"), 2003; ROLE of the PERSONS In EUROPEAN INTEGRATION: OUTCOMES of a Labour of the Sacred Ignatius, Anna Lind, Daniel Kahneman, Vernon Smith, Alexander King, Bretranda Schneidera, George Schokin, Mr. Clarke, Wasil Leontjef, Petr Lavrov, Vladimir S.Boyko, Stanislav Golobokov, Stanislaw Jukov, A.Gullen Zanon, Uriya Shemshuchenko, Luis Moreno, Giorgio Bonacci, Valerie Braeken, Anatol Kalishiewicz, Bruce Hadspeth, Jeffrey W.Steagall, Ivan Samson, Andrej Mychko, Jozaf Niemchuk, Claus Brummer, Boris G.Dolgopyatov, Jan T.Toshenko, Uriy Belousov, Nicholay Volgin, Vyacheslav Voloshyn, Ludmila Malenko, Augustyn Wosh, Andjey Kowalski, Pavel Stepnov (Unit N15 "Azov Academy"), 2003; URGENCY of the REGIONAL SHARES of a software to an INTELLIGENTLY - SPIRITUAL UNIFICATION: THE GUIDELINES In INTERNATIONAL BIOGRAPHIC ASSOCIATION, CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND (Unit N16 "Azov Academy"), 2003; RELAY RACE of SOLIDARITY: THE REGISTRY of IDEAS And INITIATIVES (Unit N17 "Azov Academy"), 2003; Methodological fundamental s of stabilization socially of economic development ( ), 2004; FUNDAMENTALS ORGANIZATION of PRODUCTION And MANADEMENT ( Abstract of methodical minings of State university of management Russian Federation, Inter-regional Academy of Management of Staff and Institute of economical and socio-cultural researches) (monograph), 2004; Management of foreign trade activities in Light of Law of Preservation of Labour and Law of Nondestroy of Intelligently& Spiritual Labour, 2004; Fundamentals of strategic Management in Light of Law of Preservation of Labour and Law of Non-destroy of Intelligently&Spiritual Labour, 2004; Gotta in Europe, 2004; Minimum for the bankers, 2004. Honours: Recipient Certificate, Frederick P Furth Foundation, 1990; Medal Met. Gotey & Cafa, St. Ignatia , 1999; Honorary Member, Academy of Economic Sciences and Entrepreneurship. Memberships: New York Academy of Sciences; 1817 Heritage Society, New York Academy of Sciences; American Association for the Advancement of Sciences; Research. Board of Advisors of American Biographical Institute, USA; N.Y.Acad. Scis., 1817 Heritage Soc. N.Y. Acad. Scis., Union Econ. Ukraine, Christian. Avocations: tennis, windsurfing, travel. Home: Fl 519, Dovzgenko 6B, Odessa, 65068 Ukraine Office: Inst Econ/Social/Cult Rsch  Stroiteley 39 Ave Box 7 87534 Mariupol Ukraine E-mail: or or or or

EDUCATION : I continue to made my hab.Work for IBMER in Warsaw (Poland)  Career: From 1.09.2004 Professor, National University of Odessa (Decision of Minister Kremen G.)

Publications: In Magazine Personal N 4/2004 pp.80-81 Minimum for the Bankers ; Management of foreign trade activities in Light of Law of Preservation of Labour and Law of Non-destroy of Intelligently& Spiritual Labour, 2004; Fundamentals of strategic Management in Light of Law of Preservation of Labour and Law of Non-destroy of Intelligently&Spiritual Labour, 2004; Gotta in Europe, 2004.

MEMBERSHIPS OF ASSOCIATIONS, INSTITUTE, ETC : Research Board of Advisors of American Biographical Institute, USA.

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Home: Fl 41,  Zelinsky 1 St 87534 Mariupol  Ukraine Office: Inst Econ/Social/Cult Rsch Stroiteley 39 Ave Box 7  87534 Mariupol Ukraine 

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Avocations: tennis, windsurfing, travel.

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[1] Vice-Chairman of Committe Internacional Civil  (CIC) on preparation World public opinion to execution of First World Congress of Spiritual Unify in New York