Basic located the half ancient of  European Arms Lubich, which united the heaviest number of nobiliary sorts of Europe - 300 (threehundred). All and the symbols are today clear: HORSE-SHOE is thesymbol of LABOUR; CROSS is symbol of TRUST, which are located on half of BOARD, which protects the LABOUR and TRUST. Is direct above (over) ARMS is placed the Symbol of HERITAGE SOCIETY 1817 NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES. In 2000 HERITAGE SOCIETY 1817 NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES has supported the economists of Mariupol (given moral support) . We are going to remember this kind gesture always ( we are very pleasure to Dr Bill Green ) . On the Symbol of HERITAGE SOCIETY 1817 NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES the woman relies, right hand of who go in space stars to the Constellation of Large Bear. The person of woman have given from English mark of Queen of The Great Britain. On her dress is the halfsymbol of Library of USA CONGRESS WAS PLACED. We think, that it the most the successful symbol of Europe and all GROUND, which relies on science and culture, costs (stands) on deep traditions of spiritual and is anxious positively to influence on the Universum. The opinion, that the symbol of World FREE "drawn on the sky " in the Constellation of Large BEAR EXISTS. That Constellation e includes triangle (Substance - Absolute - Spirit), which is symbol, that one born other, and after as the consequence of it is the birth of space. As well as includes quadrangle, which reflects four basis elements of SPACE / the Fire (Spirit); the Water (Soul); the Air (Intellect) and Ground ( Body) . Therefore, Ground-Europe manufactures (issues) the intellectual spiritual STARS in flows of innumerable worlds of the LACTIC WAY in the direction of World Tree - LARGE BEAR. The institute of USA PRESIDENT acts By guarantor of stability of this process IN image of first USA President OF LINCOLN and USA CAPITOL, which personifications the importance of law IN companies industrially of advanced countries. I was IN USA and England in 1986 and 1994 accordingly and saw how they working. All this concerns and Frenchmen  (1998 ), Czechmen (1998), Polishmen (2000-2001), Austrians (1998), Italians (1998), Bulgarians (1984) and is sure today, that all Nations of Central and Western Europe.


These symbols are close to academician  Valery A.Vasiljev.  He  is grandchild  Pelageya  Danilova Polansky,  which was from ancient german generation, possessed Arms Lubich.