" We trust, that the hope for the cloudless future of our children in itself is the consolidating basis  of Integrated Nations. The scientists, philosophers and the historians know, and all honest people on the Earth feel, that never in a history of mankind the scintilla of perception of the people as brothers seek to unity in a name by love and a world did not die away. Humanity, tendency fortunately and refrainly of travails -are right of each person. Therefore on the second schedule the distinctions economic, ideological and religious depart, since " it is impossible equally to think - differently there will be no thoughts " (Geotty-Rupananda, 1992).

And all these distinctions did not hinder during centuries to keep principles IKONOMIA (nation developed the culture, but nonpredatory coexisted), that more than 200 years by hard work intelligently - spiritual by elite of Constantinople (unique million Center in Eurasia of the first millenary of Christianity) on coordination of World's Economical attitudes were reached on stretch. This wisdom, gained by mankind, has salvaged the peoples of Crimea from genocide Turks in 1777-1783 due to civil and spiritual exploit of the locum tenens of a throne of the Ecumenical Patriarch in Crimea, 24 Metropolitan Gotia and Kafa, Sacred Ignatius who has returned the peoples of Crimea in seaside cities TANAIS of Locale. By the way (exploit of the Sacred Ignatius compared by the contemporaries to the Moseses), has helped to survive the ancesyrer of the academician of Andrew D. Saharov to the Greek Sofiano. And high it is intelligently - spiritual tradition saved by the Father by Wasil, survivor power of the Sacred Ignatius, Him Priosveshenstvo Ippolit, set the stage to canonization Prelate, and thousand Christians from shores of the Ancient Azov sea, we hope, that will help to all of us to reach the prosperity of Sociaty rested on ideas of a humanism. But now, as never, the scrambling between light and darkness becomes aggravated.

The tragedy of September 11, 2001 has shocked all world, by showing its absolute vulnerability. With destruction of buildings of World-wide Shopping Center in New York our illusions have addressed to ashes, that "The Cup us do-not touch upon" and is possible somewhere "to be covered" (the Greek wisdom does not work). Each inhabitant of a planet the Earth is compelled to make selection - with whom he and than he can sacrifice " radium short-range ". He selects by what way he hopes to supply the future of children. The time test our CIVILIZATION for strength. And the take-offs of human spirit can not be connected any more with REGRETING for the accomplished particular act against humanity, as Mr. Nobel after creation of terrible means of destruction and has made as the Academician Andrew D. Saharov after creation of a nuclear bomb has made. The catastrophes and terrorism can today be countered only by the initially highly moral Persons such, as Aurelio Pichelly, basing Roman Club, as Vadim Kirichenko and Wasil Leontjef, basing international ACADEMY of economic sciences and enterprise activity, as the professor of medicine, President of a Polish Academy of sciences Miroslaw Mossakowski, actively supporting it is intelligently - spiritual the shares and initiatives. Just, such persons retrieved by the experts of publishing house " Who is Who ", have responded to our reference and in 2001-2002 years and we are deeply grateful: Ms Allia, Valerie; Ms Drake, Laura; Ms Celeste, Mogab Dunion; Prof. Ray Besing Gilbert; Dr Chattopadhyay, Prithviraj; Famous Writer USA Brand Oskar; Prof. Birkbeck. Jhon Addison; Dr Ms Baker, Marti (Ann); Prof. Dr Bunkse, Edmund Valdemars; Famous Writer USA Davic, Clayton; Prof. Dr Dutta, Goutam; Dr Carry, Charles Elmo; Prof. Dr Demic, Miroslav Dragoljub; Ms Dumerer, Lorraine Joanne; Prof. Dr Dhariwal, H.C.; Dr Fadnavis, Nitin Wasantrao; Mr Cirlinci, Massimo; Mr Citek, Jindrich; Hon. Prof. Dr Ansari, S.M. Razaullah; Dr Mr Lin, Fei; Mr Becker, Dusty. Their comprehension and the sincerity has allowed us to reach idea of creation of International Civil Committee.

But the path to creation CIC, which one is invoked to struggle for balanced Intelligently - spiritual Development on all continents and in all countries, of the beginnings in 1992 and on this path we were rest. on authority and support outstanding PERSONS of the World: President USA George Bush; Director General IBC Nicholas S Law; Editor in Chief IBC Jon Gifford; President ABI J.M.Evans; Freelance Writer Mindy Aloff; Executive Director William C.Anderson; Managing Editor "Who's Who in America" Karen Chassie; Former Congressmen USA Bill Green; President UEU George Dzis; President Piotr Academy in Sent-Piterburg Leonid Majboroda; First Vice-Rector RAGS of President RF Valery Kushlin; President AES Ukraine Nikolay Chumachenko; Premier Crimea Sergey Kunicyn; Prof. Sorbona Arkadiy Jukovsky; Prof. U.Trento Brono Dallago; Prof. Sorbona Michel Odosse; Executive Director AAAS Richard S. Nicholson; President and CEO New York Academy of Sciences Rodney W.Nichols.

Today we with satisfaction mark, that the issuing " Who is Who in the World*21st. " has acquainted us with doctor of Medicine Ernesto Garcia, which one has undertaken for COMMITTE activity of First VICE-PRESIDENT CIC and the project which one - Web-page CIC will be now realized. We very much hope, that all outstanding Persons of a world, which one supported us, will support the noble initiatives and shares of our friend Dr Ernesto Garcia. We with the party shall use the best efforts for implementation of the purposes CIC.

Valery VasiljevChairman CIC

Alexander VasiljevVice-chairman CIC

Members of the 1817 Heritage Society of New York Academy of Sciences