Document 1.- The Project


. Document 31.- On the ORDER of EXCELLENCE (2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century) - to Ref:TINT/OEX/DBINV from 6th February 2004.-

Document 2.- Letters to excellent people of the World (IBC, Who´s Who)

Document 32.- To  the Letter from February 2004 (WA/CAB)Marquis Who s Who in America 

Document 3.- Appointment of the First Vice Chairman (Engl)

Document 33.- Who´s Who in America 21 Edition 20 04,02,21

Document 4.- Appointment of the FirstVice Chairman (Russ)

Document 34.- Unit of CIC and Azov Academy 2004, 3, 4. NU and the CIC.

Document 5.-  Synthesis of Work of C.I.C.

Document 35.-Conflicto laboral de los médicos de los Hospitales Públicos de Zaragoza (España) .8 de marzo de 2004

Document 6.- Síntesis del Trabajo del C.I.C.;

 Document 36.- Condolences of Chairman CIC to SM  the KING of SPAIN.- 11-M

Document 7.- Synthese der Arbeit von C.I.C

Document 37. Sorrow in Serbia. Kosovo. 2004,march 17 (rus))

Document 8.- Synthèse de Travail de C.I.C. ; Синтез работы C.I.C. تركيب العمل لك.ي.ك .; 工作综合 CIC

Document 38. Sorrow in Serbia. Kosovo. 2004,march 17 (engl)

Document 9.- Account CIC


Document 10.- Letter to leaders of the UN (Engl)

Document. 40.  Final program International symposium MVM 2004. (A, B, C).Chairman. Prof. Miroslav Demic

Document 11.- Sponsors and counts

Document. 41.-TRAGEDY of the ninth of FEBRUARY 2004 In MOSCOW. ТРАГЕДИЯ  ДЕВЯТОГО  февраля  2004  в  МОСКВЕ

Document 12.- Letter to leaders of the UN (Russ)

Document. 42. Open Letter to Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of USA of Ukraine  Mr. John Herbst

Document 13 .- о підсумках роботі  підсекції “ГЕОПОЛІТИКА,ЕКОНОМІКА  ТА  ІНТАГРАЦІЙНІ  ПРОЦЕСИ

Document. 43. Chairman of European Court on Human rights. ECHR-LRus /Ukr11.0(CD1)DT/anc  from  6 October 2003

Document 14.-The Lucis Trust and IBC

Document. 44. CONGRATULATIONS. The Azov Branch of Academy Economic Sciences and Enterprise Activity. Azov Department of Academy of Economic Sciences and Entrepreneurship to President МАУП and МКА to George ShChekinu and to general director МКА Leonid Odery..

Document 15.-Recomendat.Com Russ. to  IBC

Document. 45. To the Chiefs- World CHRIST RESURRECTION, 2004

Document 16.-The main aspects of economics in countries of European and Asian Unions....

Document. 46 To General secretary of the United Nations Kofy Annan , 2004

Document. 17.-Chef  NGOs Section of  UN.

Document. 47. The sculptor Kuzmnicov, L.M.  member of the International Civil Committee

Document 18.- New recomendat to IBC

Document. 48.  The Kingdom of God- El Reino de Dios- Королевство Бога- Le Royaume de Dieu-  Das Königreich des Gottes- 帝的王國مملكة الإل ه-                     

Document 19. Clayton Davis and CIC. (engl.)

Document. 49. Spaniards salvaged of New York from destruction in 1943/Freedom, Wisdom, Unity /

Document 20.-Clayton Davis and CIC. (russ)

Document. 50.That  integrates us /instead of the charter and declaration / то что нас объединяет/вместо  устава и  декларации


Document 21.-NGOs in the World registered in the DPI  section..


Document. 51.-The Master Diploma of the World Academy of Letters, 2004

Document 22.- The Chief of the Supreme Vehicle Rads of Ukraine (russ and engl.)

Document. 52.- Terrorist attack with bomb in a soccer field in Grozni

Document 23.- Letter to Marquis Who´s Who Law preservation Labour (Engl.) 2004,1,14

Document. 53.-  An attack with car bomb kills the president in the Iraqi executive's exercise

Document 24.- Letter to Marquis Who´s Law preservation Labour (Russ.)2004,1,14

Document. 54.-  The law PRESERVATION of a LABOUR the methodical fundamentals of  the INDEX planning of development of small business.

Document 25.- Chief H.C. Zaychuk (russ ) 2004, 01,02

Document. 55 Закон СОХРАНЕНИЯ ТРУДА –методическая основа индикативного планирования развития малого бизнеса.

Document 26.- Chief H.C. Zaychuk (engl ) 2004, 01,02


Document. 56 To The IBC Research Council 14th May 2004

Document 27.-Textes of Web Page in Russien

Document. 57. World Academy of Letters to The Master Diploma of the World Academy of Letters from March 5,2004 Research  Board of Advisors Winter 2004  Campaing

Document 28.-.  Textes of Web Page in English


Document. 58.  Intelectual-spiritual Leaders of the CIC

Document 29.- To the Presidencial Seal of Honour 2003 and 2004

Document. 59.  2004/10 july. Congratulations for their Onomastic Dr Valery Vasiljev, Chairman of CIC

Document 30.- SUMMARY-Independence- Ukraine-Re: Dictionary of International Biography, 31st Edition

Document. 60. Tragedy in DONBASS