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 Marquis Who s Who in America


To Board of Advisors: Mr. Mindy Aloff, Freelance Writer; Mr. William
 C. Anderson, Executive Director American Academy of Environmental
 Engineers; Mr. Steven C. Beering, President Emeritus Pudue Unuversity;
 Mr. Willard L. Boyd, President Emeritus Field Museum of Natural
 History; Dr. Thomas C. Dolan, President and CEO American College of
 Healthcare Executives; Mr. Charles C.Eldredge, Hall Distinguished
 Professor of American Art University of Kansas; Ms. Barbara Haskell,
 Curator Whitney Museum of America Art; Mr. Thomas R. Horton, Former
 Chairman American Management Association; Mr. Jill Krementz, Author and
 Photographer; Mr.Charles F. Larson, President Industrial Research
 Institute, Inc.; Mr. Andrew Leckey, Syndicated Investment Columnist The
 Chicago Tribune; Mr. Judith P.Lotas, Founding Partner Lotas Minard
 Patton McIver, Inc.; Mr. Martin E Marty, Professor Emeriyus University
 of Chicago Divinity School; Mr. Robert G.McKinnel, Former President
 International Society of Differentiation, Inc. University of Minnesota;
 Mr. Jeremiah P. Ostriker, Former Provost Princeton University
 Observatory; Mr. Louis Rukeyser, Host, Louis Rukeyser s Wall Street;
 Mr. James B. Sales, Former Senior Partner Fulbright & Jaworski; Ms.
 Catharine R. Stimpson, University Professor New York University; Mr.
 John F. Sullivan, President and Publisher National Journal; Mr. Elie
 Wiesel, Author Professor of Philosophy Boston University; Mr. Karen
 Chassie, Managing Editor

 Dear Sir,

We in Civil International Committee have founded new nominate for the outstanding people of a world the Intelligently Spiritual Leader of a World, which one we plan each year to give to ten outstanding persons of a world.

Put forward (extend) the candidatures on this NOMINATE each member of our Civil International Committee can. We already have put forward three candidatures on a rank Intelligently of Spiritual Leaders of a World in 2004, the information on which one you can see on ours Web-Page www.cic-wsc.org Document N 58.Your guideline is a guideline of the outstanding public figure, therefore doubtlessly introduced by You the candidature will get in ours NOMINATE and he/she will be supported by(with) all members of our Civil International Committee.We want to form group NOMINATE 2004 till July 10 2004. It will be by our largest gift to our Chairman Dr Valery Vasiljev, which one July 10, 2004 75 years are executed and we want to make to him a worthy gift.

The compilation of the first list NOMINATE the Intelligently Spiritual Leader of a World 2004 also will be this gift.

On behalf of the members of Civil International Committee

Yours faithfully,

Alexander Vasiljev

Vice-president CIC

1. Mr. Vladimir S. Boyko,  Director of Metallurgical Plant name Iljicha 1, Levchenko St., Mariupol, Donetsk reg.,  87500,  Ukraine Mr. Vladimir S. Boyko is Director of Metallurgical Plant name Iljicha long time. He is very famous MAN in Ukraine. But I think He will be included in history of Ukraine because He is very cleaver Man which have made very much for Mariupol's Region (Kremnes-Hupache reg) and all Ukraine. He preserved villages and rural farms around Mariupol. He has made its of departments his Plant. It is very important for people in these villages. I saw how Mr V.Boyko receiving Medal from Bishop Orthodox Church 18.09.2003. And I must say: "He is Great Person because He is Great Man". All people in Mariupol say:  Mr. Vladimir S. Boyko is most moral man in Ukraine now .Therefore we recommend Mr. Vladimir S. Boyko on nominate  Intellectual - Spiritual Leader of World -2004  of CIC.

2. All-Universe Patriarch Varfolomey (Konstantinopol in Stambul), Stambul, Turkey. He has made very much for Christian Church in East Europe. We have known He is Right Patriarch because we want to support this MAN. We have know He wanted to visit in Ukraine. It  will be Great Event for all Christians of Ukraine because  us need world between all  Churches. He has blessed Ukrainian Church. It is very need for Ukrainian Government because all people in Ukraine  wait new steps of Government to way of  progress. Therefore we recommend Patriarch Varfolomey on nominate Intellectual-Spiritual Leader of World-2004  of CIC.

3. Dr Glan Metjus  Pastor from USA and Director of  Revival Crusade, Ink. USA We had met many Pastors (1996-2003) in Mariupol before this meeting but Dr Metjus is Great Pastor ! He has said about Basis Ideas of Christian so believe and so interesting for all people that we all have known many new ideas and began to think about our life. It is very important and we hope that Dr Metjus will be in Sacred Earth. and 22 time with us.
Therefore we recommend Dr Glan Metjus on nominate  Intellectual-Spiritual Leader of World -2004  of CIC.


4. Mr. Vladimir Litvin, Chairman of Ukrainian Parliament (High Rada of Ukraine). All World have saw the Deed/Exploit of Mr. Vladimir Litvin for Democracy in Ukraine and for All World. His Priciple's Position and His Great Intellectual Work have gave to People of Ukraine of New Goverment in 2004. It is very important for Ukrainian People. Chairman of Ukrainian Parliament, Member-corresp. NAS of Ukraine, Dr. econ. scis Vladimir Litvin have helped to academician of NAS of Ukraine Victor Ushenko in November 2004. We hope academician of NAS of Ukraine Victor Ushenko will be the President of Ukraine. It will be the VICTIRY of Democracy in Ukraine and in all East Europe. Therefore we recommend Dr. Vladimir Litvin on nominate Intellectual-Spiritual Leader of World-2004 of CIC.