First Stage OF THE FORUM -2005


On behalf FULL MEMBERS of CIC and of all workers and members of Civil International Committee, on behalf of academicians and the member - correspondents of the Azov Department of the Academy of Economic Sciences and Owner's Activity and on behalf of the academic council of the institute of economical - sociocultural studies (lawful successor of Donets experimental scientific methods center DNTS AN of the Ukraine).

WE EXPRESS SINCERE GRATITUDE for the appeared interest in our FORUM -2005: "Akademisches Auslandsamt"; Universitat Leipzig Akademisches Auslandsamt der Uni Leipzig; Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat Mainz, Abteilung Internationales; Empfangsbestдtigung (angezeigt) - Otto-von-Guericke-Universitat Magdeburg ; Justus-Liebig-Universitat GieBen - Akademisches.Auslandsamt"; "Kelsey, Anita L."; UTD Alumni Association ; («Thank you for contacting the UTD Alumni Association.»); Bucerius Law School - Hochschule fur Rechtswissenschaft gGmbH "Timm, Anja"; Deutsche Sporthochschule Koln "auslandsamt"; Universitat Rostock ; Friedrich-Schiller-Universitat Jena "Cornelia Dwars"; SPARC Europe "David Prosser"; "DTU"; Reilley Cojokaru Arbuckle "Shumilov Vadim"; Universitat Siegen "Gerono, Arno"; Jacksonville Gazette - Inspection revealing Computers In 2005 "Jami Zimmerman"; Learn4good ; ITS Customer Support Center ; "Henri Vartiainen"; Hochschule fur Politik Munchen LudwigstraBe 8; "IBHS" ; («Thank you for your message") ; Empfangsbestдtigung (angezeigt) - Technische Universitat Ilmenau ; ""; Laurence Simons International - Contact Us; «Dear Alexander Vasiljev, Thank you for submitting a "Contact Us" request via the Laurence Simons International website. We value your feedback and one of our consultants will be in touch with you shortly.»; Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg "Mail-Bearbeiter des IO"; « Dear Sir/Madam, we have received your mail and forwarded to Mr. Langer (International Office, Yours, Silvia Kuehnle , International Office» ; "L-Soft list server at CSUF Listserv Services (1.8d)"; («Thank you for your message. Your comments mean a lot to us. An appropriate university office will respond to your message.»); California State University; («Thank you for your interest! We receive many inquiries, and will do our best to respond to yours within 48 hours.»); Martin-Luther-Universitat Halle-Wittenberg; /NYT/NYTIMES; («Thank you for your comments. Everything sent to this mailbox is read by either me or my associate, Arthur Bovino. If a further reply is appropriate, you will be hearing from us hortly. Don't forget, when referring to a specific article please include its date, section and headline. If you do not wish your message to be published or relayed to other editors and reporters, be sure to let us know. -- Daniel Okrent Public Editor"); Augustana-Hochschule Neuendettelsau "Augustana-Hochschule / Sekretariat"; Technische Universitat Munchen "Studienberatung"; Universitat Kaiserslautern; Aventuras Patagonicas Mountain Guides ; Universitat Trier "Fakultaet Theologische"; Teologische Fakultat Paderborn : ; University of Warwick "ugoffice ugoffice" ; Universitй Paris 8 ; "Tom Mason" "Susan Davidson"; "Bob Van Voorst"; Paul A. Davis; "Dan Gaffney"; "Zancanella, Luca";

We express special appreciation to the participants in the forum -2005, taken place 19-20/05/2005, who yet did not assume participation in the work of the different structures of the civil international committee created in five years:

Ms Nayalia Pilipenko; Ms Yakimenko Ludmila; Ms Kolcheva Ludmila; Ms Malykhina Masha; Ms Yana Shulickaya; Ms Yuliya Glovackaya; Ms Alice Bogemskaya; Ms Urchenko Genya; Mr Vova Uzun; Ms Katya Butenko; Ms Ira Pavlenko; Mr Ivan Goncharov; Mr Sasha Ochrimenko; Mr Ganuchak Dimitro.

All them on behalf of civil international committee already thanked first vice chairman of CIC, Dr Ernesto Garcia. On behalf of the members of Civil International Committee, we thank participants in the first stage of Forum -2005 for the appreciation of the activity of Civil International Committee on the censure of terrorist attacks against the civilization and the peoples of peace, on the creation of the anti-terrorist wave of the forces of good and creation against the forces of destruction and chaos. Especially, we note to us how to participants in the Forum -2005 was pleased the creation of the list of the world tragedies, caused by terrorist network, which conducted other Ernesto Garcia with its friends in 2003-2004. After full consideration of all "after" and "against" we made the decision to agree with the proposal of the union of young people Of the Rishel'evsk’s Novorossisk Odessa National university name I.I. Mechnikova "Odessa- Europe" - the representations of the Azov Department of the Academy of Economic Sciences and Owner's Activity - about THE PROLONGATION OF FORUM -2005 FOR ENTIRE 2005. We consider it expedient to do a consideration specially on several narrow directions in the course of the next four months, after bringing then the sums of consideration and discussion on the final STAGE OF FORUM - 2005 during December 2005 however, according to the results of the carried out first stage of Forum -2005 we consider it necessary to carry out to the judgment of world community and of key personnel of the New York Academy of Sciences and American association of professional scientists the following recommendations:

For all civil public organizations

1. To conduct the rating of the public associations of citizens, including associations and student unions on the theme "worlds on the boundary XX and XX1 st. it is age-long - integration into the world culture".

To urge to participate in the rating not only the civil associations of Basques, but also all desiring from the Countries of Europe and America.

As the international experts to the estimation of the significance of various initiatives we propose to draw the best leaders of non-government civil organizations with the United Nations, and also outstanding intellectuals of peace, whom to us the American biographical institute will recommend.

2. A to organize within the framework of the yearly nomination of civil international committee "Intellectual- spiritual leader of peace" determination by voting on THE INTERNET additional nomination "Intellectual- spiritual leaders of democracy and unity" in the province of Basques.

3. To conduct international competition to the most promising democratic innovation, realized in the province of Basques. We propose to conduct entire competition on the pages of the international electronic periodical of civil international committee.

For the international publishing houses in Europe and America

4. to publish materials placed on the pages of the international electronic periodical of civil international committee, in the media of Europe and America (Documents 64,65 "Gotta in europe", 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 125, 127, 128 129,130, 15, 26, 61, 62, 95, 96, 100, 107,110, 119, 120, 121).

Dochument. 65. - Gotta in Europe.

Document 119. - ODESSA EUROPE.

Document 28. -. Textes of Web Page in English.

Dochument. 54. - The law PRESERVATION of a labour the methodical fundamentals of the INDEX planning of development of small business.

Document to 15.-. Main aspects of economics in countries of European and Asian Unions....

Dochument. 49. Spaniards salvaged of New York from destruction in by y9yae/.Freyedom, Wisdom, Unity.

Document 87. - To President Of The Commission Of The Continental Alliance, Mr Peter Balkine and to the Members of the European Parliament. To the President of the USA, George Bush. To the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Document 121.- The new idea for the Economy of Ukraine. Budget 2005 -2008


Document 138.- Contributions of the Youngs of ODESSA EUROPE Association to FORUM 2005

Document 129.- Geopolitics begins from the historical truth: fight with the intellectual terrorism for the civilization

For the state structures of the Ukraine.

5. For the purpose of the making more active of the entrance of the Ukraine into the world commercial organization and for the more thought-out realization of all planned steps in this direction to publish in the open Ukrainian press the materials of documents 15, 26, 61, 62, 95, 96, 100, 107,110, 119, 120, 121, placed on site, which coincides also with the recommendations of the department of the economy of the National Academy of the Sciences of the Ukraine.

6. To support the initiative of international public organizations (CIC, AO AES&E) about the organization of celebration in the Ukraine in 2007 of 1665 anniversaries of Christian church, and also about the organization of celebration in 2009 in the Crimea-Odessa-Kilia-TANAIS Region of 1750 anniversaries of Christian church (!). _

7. Support initiative Civil Committee of Mariupol and State Committee on matter religion of Ukraine about revival service orthodox monk in one of early in the world mire Georgievskiy Monastery in the town of St. Maria – Mariupol (and support our initiative). It makes it possible to accelerate preparation for conducting of the First World Congress of Spiritual Unity in New York.

Wishes to youth student organizations to take more active part in the activity of Civil International Committee of youth and, especially, in the work of youth sector.