The president of Chechen Russian pro, Ajmad Kadirov died in an attack with bomb in a stadium of Grozni, the capital of Chechenia, as it has been informed to the agency Interfax. In total, at least there are 14 deceaseds and a thirty of people with lesions .  Uncertainty around the commandant's luck in boss of the Russian troops in the north Caucasus, the general Valery Baranov, given for dead in a principle.
At least 14 people died and other 30 were wounded for the explosion, as police sources and doctors declared. On the other hand, it continues planning the uncertainty about the luck of the boss of the Russian forces in Chechenia, the general Valery Baranov, given initially had died by a military source mentioned by Interfax, and then only gravely wounded according to a military source mentioned for Creek-Novosti.